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Rollerball    2000     model L302 stainless steel

LAMY rollerball L302 2000

Lamy's flagship fountain pen is the 2000 made of a combination of fibreglass and has been re-engineered in a sleek, matte slainless steel.

Lamy rollerballs are a good alternative to fountain pens or ballpoint pens. Combine the best of the two classic categories: Our rollerball pens are as easy to operate as ballpoint pens. And they have a similarly beautiful type face to the fountain pen.

Lamy's newest 2000 is made of matte stainless steel known and is so revered that it is on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art and has won countless design awards.

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LAMY fountain pen L02 2000

LAMY rollerball L302 2000
LAMY rollerball L302 2000

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